I elaborate Structures by assembling materials, found or new in order to create a system capable of supporting.

The system some times might come from prints I made of inner joints of furniture. These prints become sort of a map a plan to construct. I construct from it creating new forms and new ways to interconnect, with different materials. The result is a new object.

Some of the prints may also come from the rubbings (frottage) of objects becoming the memory of it an image a blueprint to construct.

The system might also come from found materials, giving them a new form a new purpose a new structure by combining them with others.

The structures are for me a way to create order, peace out from chaos. As a trained architect I was taught to create refugees to live in, space where to feel comfortable. My structures, my constructions are a way to create my own personal world.

Martacarmela Sotelo
México D.F.

Martacarmela Sotelo is an artist and designer from Mexico. Ever since 2000 she started to develop her artwork and in 2009 she began working and developing her "wearable art" project. Made out from different materials and forms used in non-conventional ways the jewellery she makes as well as art pieces are quite unique. Her pieces have been featured around the World in: MoMA Store in New York, AGO Museum in Toronto, High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Bettina Flament Gallery in Lille, Marion Friedmann Gallery in London, Galeria Mexicana de Diseño in Mexico City among others. She has also From 2012-2015 she was director in Mexico for the Otro-Diseño Foundation for Cultural Cooperation and Development, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. She has also collaborated as a freelance designer for the famous Mexican silver brand TANE.

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